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LEMNISCATE Foundation for Development of Curative Education and Social Therapy is a charitable trust, founded in Moscow, Russia in 2001 for supporting and developing of its own programs and projects, aiming to help people with physical or mental or intellectual disabilities, who are not capable of securing or protecting their own basic freedoms and legal rights.

The purposes of the activity by the Foundation shall be the formation of a property on the basis of voluntary fees and other incomes, complying with the current legislation, as well as the use of the above property for:
  • providing the persons who are not able to realize independently their rights and legitimate interests due to their physical/intellectual features feasible job and assisting their professional and supplementary education;
  • forming in the region of Moscow a community for residence, education, feasible job, personal communication, cultural development and rehabilitation of such persons;
  • establishment of non-State rehabilitation institutions as per advanced methods of Russian and foreign pedagogues in order to provide such persons with professional and social rehabilitation;
  • establishment of curative & production (artistic) workshops for professional and social rehabilitation of those people;
  • educating and retraining of appropriate specialists, as well as the assistance in the above process.
Today, Lemniscate Foundation operates and supports three projects, including "Tourmaline" Centre for Social Rehabilitation in Moscow, Ita Wegman training centre for Curative Education and "Chistye Klyuchi" camphill village. All Foundation projects and activities are based on works of Austrian philosopher, social reformer and scientist Rudolf Steiner. For more information about those projects and the Foundation, please refer to corresponding links in the menu on the left.
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Tourmaline Centre for Social Rehabilitation
Chistye Klyuchi Camphill Village
Ita Wegman Training Centre for Curative Education

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