About Lemniscate Foundation
According to the Articles of Association, a supreme managing body is a Board of Directors:

Remco van der Plaat (President)
Curative educator, social therapist

Zinaida Levina
Curative educator, social therapist

Olga Kourianova
Curative educator, social therapist

Dmitry Frolov
Journalist, analyst

Guardian Council is a supervision body, aiming to control the activity of the Foundation:

Sergey Kazatchkov (Chairman)
Science editor

Tatiana Strijak
Therapeutic eurythmist

Tatiana Stepanova
Music therapist
Board of Directors
Articles of Association
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Our projects
Tourmaline Centre for Social Rehabilitation
Chistye Klyuchi Camphill Village
Ita Wegman Training Centre for Curative Education

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