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Address: "Chistye Klyuchi", Peresvetovo village, rdymovsky region, Smolenskaya Oblast, Russia [map]

Tel.: +7 909 678-99-13, +7 903 737-14-93


Chistye Klyuchi is an official part of international
Camphill movement

Camphill village "Chistye Klyuchi" is a new community in Russia for adults in need of special understanding. In 2009 a premise of two hectares was bought near the city of Smolenks in the West of Russia. At the present moment a construction of the first house is finished already. We plan to open the village by the winter 2011. It is extremely important to build and organize such communes especially in Russia, where human rights were suppressed for such a long time. Still there are hundred thousands people called "invalids", who live in conditions unworthy and unacceptable for any human being: without work, without any possibilities for further development, without appropriate care, often in unhealthy, unsanitary prison-like institutions. Many of them lack even the possibility to be alone sometimes, or to invite friends or relatives. They rarely meet understanding or personal attention. Often there are not more than 1-2 staff members for 50-70 people, even basic care is on a low level.

"Chistye Klyuchi" strives to show an alternative, to prove in practice that every human being who comes on Earth is needed for by others. Everyone is a "secret box" we should learn to open, a mysterious fairy tale we are called upon to read. It is a place where we would like to practice truly human and moral ways in dealing with each other, founded on a deep social responsibility.

We strive to learn to understand and value each other although we are all so different; to work for the well-being of everyone, and of nature through practicing bio-dynamic agriculture; to create conditions that every person can develop spiritually, can be creative.

A place for the village was found in 2007, in a small village Peresvetovo, near the city of Smolensk (400 km west of Moscow). Two hectares of land were bought in 2008, the construction of the first house for six inhabitants started in 2009. "Chistye Klyuchi" was opened officially in the summer of 2012, and right now first permanent residents of the camphill village are living and working there. For 2013-2015 the building of two more houses is planned.

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