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Ita Wegman Training Centre on Curative Education and Social Therapy in Moscow

The aim of the Ita Wegman Training Centre (IWTC) is to provide anthroposophical training courses for those working with children and adults with special needs, in an anthroposophical setting or in mainstream or alternative institutions. The work can be care for, or education or accompanying of these people, providing therapies. Through the activities of the training centre, the organisers wish to contribute to the development of curative education and social therapy in Russia.

The IWTC is a practical, integrated part-time training course. The lessons are provided in three or four blocks of two to three weeks each a year. In total there are about 780 hours of education. In this amount is not included the different individual tutorial meetings and talks, the practice of the students and time needed for the homework.

In the courses different forms of teaching are used besides lecturing such as working in small groups, group discussions, role-play, individual tasks, exercises such as those directed to identification with a pupil, developing empathy. The trinal method, developed by on the meetings of the Training Counsel of the Counsel for Curative Education and Social Therapy, is practised in most of the subjects. The trinal method tries to integrate theory, arts and practice in the training process.

Since January 2001, IWTC is working in a cooperation with the Moscow City Pedagogical University. From now on:
  • the training course is a part of university program, as an application course on a higher level; it is officially called: "The system of Rudolf Steiner in Special Education";
  • the students are following their training as students of MCPU;
  • they receive an official state diploma, which gives the right to work with mentally handicapped children and adolescents;
  • IWTC specialists provides a regular lecturing course on anthroposophical curative education and social therapy for other students in the university;
  • a practice is organized in anthroposophical curative schools and groups for MCPU students.
The IWTC takes part in the training counsel of the Council for Curative Education and Social Therapy with the Medical Section in Dornach. The training course for curative education and social therapy in Moscow received the recognition of the Council.

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