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The centre for social rehabilitation "Tourmaline" was founded in Moscow in 2003, for children and adults with mental disabilities. It is operated on the basis of anthroposophical curative education and social therapy.

Tourmaline provides working place for over 30 adult participants and children, who are engaged in artistic craftworkshops: pottery, weaving, felting, doll making, candle making, woodwork, batik and a small bakery. Together with the master of the workshop, they are making various goods.

People wish to work. They apply their talents and abilities in work. And their work benefits others. So the adult with a mental handicap knows himself useful in life and accepted. For these people there are almost no other options in Moscow but to sit at home with their parents. But as everyone else they also wish to lead an independent life outside their own family. In Tourmaline alongside the work there is time for meetings and talks, to learn how to engage in conversation, to sing together, to make theater plays.

For around 10 children and youngsters Tourmaline provides group work aiming at social rehabilitation. But also the main elements of the general school program are given to them. Here the more severe handicapped children find the support which they cannot find anywhere else.

Beside work in the workshops and group work, Tourmaline provides individual help through artistic and therapeutic sessions and conversation.

In 2010 the centre was completely renovated and rebuilt, with a help and support from Russian government. Now it has two floors, spacious halls for work and study, dining hall, fully equipped pantry, library and main hall.

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